Terms and conditions

We entrust our Customers to have read our General Terms and Conditions.
Our Terms and Conditions apply unless otherwise agreed in a written contract.

I. Form of Contract

All our offers are valid until the date shown on our quote issued by our employees. The offer can be modified only if the previous offer was not accepted or is out of date.
When an offer had been accepted, it only becomes valid if it has been confirmed in an Order Confirmation.
Our employees cannot conduct business in a foreign country. The prices have to be agreed beforehand in a written contract.

II. Terms of Commitment

No minor difference concerning the quantity and weight of our products can be a contributing factor to cancellation of a contract. In these cases, after investigating the validity of concern, Dualinvest can issues a refund.

Produced goods:
Customers have to accept the delivery of goods – that passed our quality check – if the minor difference is +/- 10 per cent in 1 ton or +/- 1-3 pieces.

Weight and deimensions:
All our products are listed in our catalogue and have a previously calculated average weight which in some cases may not reflect reality.

Samples and tools:
In case our production needs a custom built tool in order to fulfill an order, all of the tooling costs are billed to our Customer. We may produce sample products if requested. These products are stored for 3 years and are the property of Dualinvest.

Technical Drawings:
Drawings, models and all other forms of technical documents that were made or adopted by Dualinvest, were given to Dualinvest of are stored by Dualinvest, form the property of Dualinvest Ltd. These documents cannot be copied, reproduced, forwarded without our written consent.

III. Packing

Shipping on a pallet, in a crate or on a jumbo pallet increases the cost of shipping which is always billed to the Customer.
We may only buy back EU pallets.

IV. Order Cancellation

We do not accept cancellation in the following cases:

  • the order has shipped
  • the production of order has started
  • 7 days after our Order Confirmation

Even though we accept cancellation within 7 days of our Order Confirmation, the costs that emerge until the cancellation, will be billed to our Customer.

V. Shipping

All our prices are EXW prices.

The transportation of goods is always the responsibility of the Customer, Regardless of the method of invoice.

The help in finding mode of transportation or packing the order on the truck does not mean that we take responsibility for transporting the goods.

By handing the goods over to the transport company, we consider the order shipped and we take no responsibility for anything that happens once the truck leaves our plant. Customers are given the right to check our pruducts themselves but it has to be agreed on beforehand. All costs concerning the inspection and shipping costs of sample products will be billed to the Customer.

Should the Customer wish to file for a refund, any cost that may emerge or the transportation of the damaged goods back to Dualinvest plant, is the responsibility of the Customer.

Delivery times may be influenced by vis maior factors. We do not take responsibility for the delivery times stated in our Order Confirmation because of the above. Vis maior factors cannot be the basis of cancellation of order or the right to file for a refund, or any other legal actions. After purchase, the Customer takes responsibility for the condition of the goods even before it has been paid.

VI. Terms of Payment

The deadline of payment is always 8 working days from invoice unless otherwise stated. In case of late payments, the Customerhas to pay a fee.

If any payment terms are violated, the Customer will be billed all their pending payments, regardless any previously agreed payments terms.

Dualinvest reserves the rights to cancel parts of the order that has not been shipped. This does not limit the measures that Dualinvest is entitled to do in the cases above.

Should the Customer have any concerns regarding our invoice, they have to indicate it within 3 days from the invoice received.

If, for any reason not attributable to us, the goods ready for shipment remain in our plant and the Customer does not take care of the transportation of goods even after the confirmed deadline, they will be billed the value of the goods according to payment terms. In this case, the goods will be stored at the expense and risk of the Customer. Dualinvest reserves the right to demand transporting the goods to the Customer’s plant.

Due to any drastic change in the Customer’s company, such as death, unfitment, fusion, mortgage or liquidation of the company Dualinvest reserves the right to demand the Customer to guarantee that the goods will be transported and paid for. Dualinvest also reserves the right to cancel the Order of this Customer.

VII. Warranty

As the application of ceramic fibre products are not dependent on the manufacturer, Dualinvest do not take any responsibility for the application of these products. Due to this reason, we cannot guarantee anything related to the application of any of these products.

Our warranty only extends to the measurements and phisical and chemical properties of all our products listed in our catalogues. We only accept complaints when both the Customer and Dualinvest agrees that the goods shipped do not meet the measurements and physical and chemical properties listed in our catalogue and the requirements of the Customer. Please note that these complaints are only valid for 30 days after goods shipped.

We entitled to give a verbal advice to our Customers for free. However, we do not take any responsibility for any damage resulting from this advice.

Dualinvest is entitled to produce expert quality quotations, researches, blueprints based ont he Customer’s needs. These needs have to be handed over to Dualinvest in a written form. Any of these engineering requests are to be billed to the Customer. In this case, Warranty has to be agreed in a separate form.

Any Enquiry based on a third party technical drawing or model, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ask for permission from the third party to release these files to Dualinvest.

VIII. Vis Maior

Dualinvest does not take responsibility for any events that are beyond our control, such as furnace shutdown, accidental machine failure, partial or complete protest, war, fire, raw material supply disruptions and all that can be named as vis maior.

In matters not regulated by the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Civil Code, 7/1978. (II. 1) Government Decree and the provisions in force at any time shall prevail.

The Parties undertake to seek an amicable settlement of any dispute between them. If this fails, they accept the jurisdiction of the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Court for their legal dispute.

X. Reservation of Ownership

Any goods that are billed but not entirely paid for, form the property of Dualinvest. This means that no form of document for obligation of payment is pronounced eligibility to exemption of payment.

Therefore, the Customer promises not to use up the goods until the invoice is fully paid. Furthermore, the Customer promises that they will not dispose, pledge, install or process the goods until the full payment is completed. The Customer promises to retain the goods in an identifiable form as the property of Dualinvest and to provide insurance for damage until the invoice has been fully paid.

If the buyer uses parts of the goods before the invoice is fully paid, Dualinvest has the right to transport the remaining goods from the Order that have not been paid for, from the Customer. Dualinvest also has the right to sell those goods immediately without any consequences.