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History of the company

DUALINVEST LTD was founded on 15 September 1998 in Hegyeshalom, Hungary, near the Austrian-Slovakian border. The founding member is Mihály Kappel, who has been dealing with insulation materials for high temperature environments, refractory masonry and construction of facilities since 1990. Our clientele covers the entire market for engineered thermal insulation. Typical applications for DUALINVEST products include:

  • heat generating installations
  • industrial furnaces in various sizes
  • melting, annealing and tunnel furnaces
  • fire chambers
  • hot-gas pipelines
  • ceramic kilns
  • boiler liners, drying and combustion installations

We provide experience-based consultancy

Selecting and configuring the required supplies and industrial raw materials for the insulation of high-temperature plants and installations demands expertise. Our specialists can help you select the best value-for-money insulation products that deliver maximum compliance with the regulatory [emission] values.

Consult a DUALINVEST expert who will find the best solution for your requirements. Our team is also available to supervise the professional application of insulation products.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation

Only the best quality guarantees safety!

All insulation products suitable for high temperature environments (up to 1850 ˚C) manufactured by internationally renowned suppliers are available at DUALINVEST.

Our portfolio includes:

  • vacuum-formed parts,
  • ceramic fibre blankets and boards,
  • modules,
  • high compressive strength insulation boards,
  • refractory bricks,
  • calcium silicate boards,
  • microporous boards,
  • as well as adhesives and mounting systems.

DUALINVEST is the exclusive distributor of the leading international brands in Hungary and deals solely with products that meet the highest quality criteria according to ISO standards. In our portfolio, we offer environmentally friendly insulation products that comply with statutory occupational health and safety regulations.


Delivery from in-house stock and locally manufactured products

DUALINVEST has a well-equipped warehouse 4 km west of Mosonmagyaróvár, next to the M1 motorway. Warehousing and delivery are carried out in cooperation with our logistics partners.

Our fully stocked warehouse, a network of resellers and seamless cooperation with international suppliers guarantee that your order will be delivered on short notice. Our extensive carrier portfolio ensures a high degree of independence with regard to the on-time delivery of products from renowned international manufacturers.

Availability of both in-stock and made-to-measure products

The precise management of our stock is supported by decades of experience. We understand the insulation product quantity and size requirements of different industries. This allows us to always meet orders with short delivery terms.

Our services include computerised cutting to specific measurements of any insulation material in stock.

Products that are not available can be made to order by DUALINVEST in specific sizes and quantities. Made-to-measure insulation products can be directly fitted, speeding up the installation process.

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Our team

at your service

Our team of experienced specialists is ready to assist you with technical advice and installation services.

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Mihály Kappel

Kappel Mihalyne 745x1024 1

Judit Kappel

Corporate Management
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Cecilia Roth

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Miklós Kappel

Lukacs Kitti 816x1024 1

Kitti Lukács

Kulbenczne Lukacs Anita 719x1024 1

Lukács Anita

Vacuum Forming Specialist
Tankovics Zoltanne 714x1024 1

Tankovics Zoltánné Klári

Dry Machining Specialist
Foldes Attila 711x1024 1

Attila Földes

Dry Machining Specialist
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Gergely Matkovits

Warehouse Operator